4 Ways To Make A Natural Swimming Pool Look Modern

4 Ways To Make A Natural Swimming Pool Look Modern

4 Ways To Make A Natural Swimming Pool Look Modern

23 January 2020
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Natural swimming pools are a growing trend in the eco-conscious world. These pools use a natural filtration system by way of a nearby regeneration zone. They operate similarly to how any pond or lake in nature works.

As The Spruce points out, natural swimming pools usually resemble those very same bodies of water found in nature. What if you fancy modern design, with its crisp minimalism and sophistication, though? Well, you can still enjoy the benefits of a natural pool but with a modern take on the design.

1. Linear Shape

Many pool designers turn to organic shapes for natural swimming pools so they resemble a lake or pond. However, such organic shapes don't necessarily fit in with the modern aesthetic, which favors clean lines.

So, the first step to make a natural swimming pool look modern is to have it installed in a linear shape. Indeed, you should consider returning to the old-school rectangular pool shape. You can even have it elongated if you want to further emphasize its stark modernity. What's more, the regenerative pool should also be geometric.

2. Geometric Decking

In that vein, your decking should also show obvious geometry. Many natural pools feature decking that tries to blur the line between itself and nearby landscaping. Your goal should be to make the lines bold.

For example, your decking might consist of a wide triangle on one side of the pool. You can then add a square planter at another end of the pool. "Stacked blocks" of built-in seating can form another shape in your decking design. Another square or rectangle can serve as the regenerative pool. All those clean lines will enhance the modern aesthetic.

3. Natural Concrete Liner

Designers turn to manufactured materials for modern design because, of course, they're more current than natural materials. Even your most organic of natural pools will feature manufactured materials, but will hide them under natural elements. You want the opposite for a modern effect.

So, for this idea, you'll want to emphasize your concrete liner. Many custom pools start with a concrete or gunite liner, but use plaster and other materials to mask it. For your modern pool, consider leaving the concrete natural and finishing it with white plaster. The concrete should be obvious around the coping, too.

4. Modern Regenerative Plants

The regeneration pool is usually the most natural-looking part of the pool design because it features rocks in the bottom and plants floating in the water. So, to modernize this space, you'll want plants that look modern. Look for plants with clean lines and clear geometry, such as water lilies and lotus. Rush and bamboo can look modern, but stay away from the more organic-shaped grasses.

Give your natural swimming pool a modern touch and reach out to a company like Pacific AquaScapes for help. 

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